Testimonial: Altisource Speeds Up Utility Invoice Processing and Payments

"Urjanet's taken away and automated what was once a very manual and labor-intensive process. So the cost-savings are unbelievable."

Altisource is an integrated service provider and marketplace that provides products and technology to the real estate and mortgage industries. Geoffrey Parks, Operations Manager at Altisource, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet’s Utility Data Service into Altisource's electronic invoicing and payment technology service and how Urjanet has improved the company's utility invoice processing by:
  • Keeping their payment sources internal while receiving the data they need to make payments
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through improved efficiency and reduced error rates
  • Automating processes that were once manual and labor-intensive

To learn more about Altisource, visit https://www.altisource.com/.