Webinar: Energy Management’s Hottest Couple

Webinar: Energy Management’s Hottest Couple

Optimize energy performance and costs by combining utility bill & interval data

Although many organizations are beginning to formalize and implement energy management strategies, it can sometimes be a struggle to get buy-in from your CFO or other executives. They often need to see justification for investing in energy efficiency projects, such as a financial cost-benefit analysis model.

But, how do you gather and organize all of this information to present a business case? What if you only have interval data tracked in kilowatt-hours? How do you translate usage information into dollars, a language that everyone can easily understand?

By combining utility bill and interval data and using this data in software to understand how your organization’s facilities are performing, you will be able to quantify the results of simply replacing a few pieces of inefficient equipment or the likely outcome of carrying out a sweeping organizational shift in energy consumption policies and procedures.

During this interactive webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • The need for organizations to gain financial energy insights from the boiler room to the board room
  • The pros and cons of different ways to receive your utility data
  • How to unlock the value of combining utility bill and interval data with software
  • Real case studies and examples of how organizations have reduced energy consumption and cost


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