Urjanet Launches Urjanet Connect


ATLANTA–May 7, 2019–Urjanet, the global leader in utility data aggregation, today announced that it has launched Urjanet Connect, a suite of tools enabling providers of energy, sustainability and utility bill management services to request and receive access to their customers’ utility login credentials for onboarding to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform. Urjanet Connect equips companies with a single access channel for user-permissioned utility data from more than 6,000 utilities worldwide. Streamlined and simplified, Urjanet Connect helps providers to grow their revenue, while offering their customers an enhanced user experience and peace of mind.

In response to demand for stronger privacy associated with data sharing and in alignment with the company’s high security standards, Urjanet Connect automates user permissioning of utility data collection, putting individuals and companies in control of their information, including how it is used and shared.

“We have been waiting for a solution like Urjanet Connect to help us shorten the time it takes to collect credentials and provide our customers with utility data on the spot,” said Sarah Diegnan, VP of Customer Success at Lucid. “Urjanet Connect is poised to significantly reduce our time to onboard new customers and therefore reduce the time to drive value for them. We are thrilled to integrate it into our systems and operations.”

“We have been waiting for a solution like Urjanet Connect to help us shorten the time it takes to collect credentials and provide our customers with utility data on the spot.”

Urjanet Connect allows end users to connect their utility accounts directly to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform to automate their utility data collection, instead of dealing with the hassle of emailing and attaching spreadsheets and forms. The platform offers a secure method for software and service providers to request and receive their customers’ utility account credentials through encryption, which ensures that usernames or passwords will not be exposed.

Urjanet Connect also enables software and service providers to onboard their customers’ utility accounts faster and more easily, increasing customer satisfaction and generating revenue faster. The suite offers flexible integration through Urjanet’s hosted landing page, iFrame or an API. By eliminating emailed pages of spreadsheets and other tedious manual processes, Urjanet Connect provides an enhanced user experience that is highly automated, sophisticated and secure.

“Manual invoice processing costs more than $12 per bill today, which is unsustainable at high volumes. With many providers processing thousands of utility bills each week, there’s the potential to save more than $4 billion annually through automation. That’s why Urjanet is on a mission to equip our customers with next-generation tools to operate efficiently and compliantly,” said Sanjoy Malik, CEO of Urjanet. “Urjanet Connect is the only solution that provides a secure, single channel to access business-critical utility data, accelerating our partners’ revenue growth and customer satisfaction.”

Since its inception, Urjanet has automated and streamlined more than $100 billion in utility spend globally. With global utility coverage, Urjanet’s platform is the only solution of its kind poised to close the gap in reliable, secure utility data access at scale.

Urjanet Connect is now available to customers using the Urjanet Utility Data Platform. To learn more about Urjanet Connect, click here.


About Urjanet
Urjanet unlocks the power of utility invoice and interval data by connecting to a global network of over 6,000 electric, natural gas, water, and waste providers, and delivering aggregated, normalized information to meet an organization’s exact utility data needs. We simplify how organizations access and use utility data, enabling you to focus on your business. For more information, visit urjanet.com.