Artis Energy Intelligence and Urjanet Announce Strategic Partnership


RTIS® Platform Integration with Urjanet’s Utility Data Platform to provide best-in-class utility billing transparency.

Artis Energy Intelligence, a leading provider of energy monitoring and analytics software, and managed and consulting services, and Urjanet, a global leader in utility data aggregation, announced a artis energy solutions urjanetstrategic partnership in which Urjanet will provide extensive access to real-time billing data through its Utility Data Platform.

By combining Urjanet’s industry-leading platform, which supports over 5,000 utility provider integrations, with Artis Energy Intelligence’s RTIS® Analytics Platform, Artis clients can determine when and to what degree utility billing tariffs are changing.  As a result, clients will be able to more accurately quantify the cost savings impact when evaluating different energy management strategies.  Key verticals for Artis Energy Intelligence include Manufacturing, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, Government and Municipalities, Retail, and K-12 & Higher Education.

“Through this integration with Urjanet, we can provide a greater degree of billing transparency and cost savings accuracy,” said John Tavares, Artis Energy Intelligence’s VP of Sales. “Providing our clients with the ability to factor in utility tariff changes and trends when making energy investment and improvement decisions is a real value-add.”

“The impact and benefits of this strategic partnership with Artis Energy Intelligence are evident,” said Sanjoy Malik, Urjanet’s CEO. “By using the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, Artis Energy Intelligence now has access to utility data from thousands of providers across the country, enabling them to access critical billing data in real-time.”

About Artis Energy Intelligence

Artis Energy Intelligence utilizes its patented energy analytics platform, RTIS®, to deliver the real-time visibility and insights that our customers need to secure meaningful energy savings, satisfy sustainability goals, identify operational improvements, and evaluate energy investment opportunities. These insights provide the business intelligence and awareness to transform energy from a fixed cost into a distinct competitive advantage. With our software, managed services, and consulting capabilities, we integrate smart algorithms with a team with the energy expertise to deliver powerful and flexible solutions that fit within the organizational and energy saving requirements of our clients. For more information, please visit