Urjanet debuts secure web interface to simplify linking of utility accounts

Urjanet debuts secure web interface to simplify linking of utility accounts

Connect to thousands of utilities worldwide through one simple, secure interface. Get up and running faster with accurate and timely utility data for energy management, sustainability, and bill payment.


Urjanet Connect takes the pain out of collecting utility account information


Help your end users remove the hassle of emailing forms and spreadsheets back and forth. With Urjanet Connect, users can submit credentials directly to the Urjanet platform, with real-time validation of credentials.


Without a secure way to transmit data, user data will always be at risk. Urjanet Connect provides a secure web interface for credential submission, with industry-leading security standards and encryption of usernames and passwords.

Flexible options for onboarding

Based on the user experience you want to create, you can link utility accounts to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform in one of three ways:


Get started with a few clicks

The Urjanet Connect experience is simple and intuitive. End users log in with their credentials the same way they would on the utility website, agree to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and hit submit. After just a few steps, their utility accounts are now linked to the Urjanet platform, and you’re ready to start managing the utility data you need.



Urjanet Connect is a quick and easy way for end users to link their utility accounts. Hosted by Urjanet, it offers customers a way to provide their utility data without exposing credentials through spreadsheets or forms.

Urjanet Connect is available for approximately 4,000 providers across electricity, gas, water, waste, telecom, and cable.

Once an end user links their utility account to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, our technology is able to programmatically access detailed utility bill data, interval data, and PDF copies of bills directly from the utility’s customer portal.

Yes, Urjanet Connect is available to onboard utility accounts for Utility Bill Data. It will be available at a later date for interval data deliveries.

If a user types in their username or password incorrectly, within seconds, Urjanet Connect will notify them that their credentials are incorrect, and redirect them to the login page to try again.

If the user has forgotten their username or password, Urjanet Connect offers a link to the utility website to help them reset it. If online credentials need to be set up, you can enlist Urjanet Credential Setup Services to help.

Access to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform is secured by a combination of network security and authentication requirements, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. Sensitive data is stored encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. Data is transferred both inside and outside our platform using SSL/TLS, SSH, and SFTP.

No, any updates in feature and functionality will occur automatically without any disrupted service.

If you are already using the Urjanet Utility Data Platform, there is no additional cost to use Urjanet Connect in your process. Speak with an expert today to learn more about Urjanet utility data pricing.


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