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The cable and telecommunications industry permeates hundreds of millions of homes, providing entertainment as well as vital communication services to US citizens. Because of the extensive nature of these networks, cable and telco providers also have some of the highest energy expenditures of any US industry, totalling billions of dollars in annual energy spend.

Yet, key players in this industry are refusing to let rising energy costs and dependence on the grid become a barrier to success and growth, materializing in the rollout of energy management initiatives like the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Energy 2020.

The cable and telecom industry, with its demanding energy requirements and unique allocation of energy used on its assets (see image below), is perfectly positioned for Urjanet’s data services.

Cable operator power consumption pyramid

Here are the top reasons why Urjanet makes sense for cable and telecom:

Reason #1: We specialize in extracting and organizing utility data from multiple locations

Our technology has the ability to truly scale, allowing our value to shine through when an organization has many disparate facilities or other power-consuming assets. For cable operators, the majority of energy consumption comes from a distributed network of hubs, headends, and power supply equipment. Individually, the power supplies don’t consume very much energy and therefore each bill isn’t very high, but in aggregate, the energy costs can be staggering. Managing the influx of utility bills for the sheer number of these assets is a serious feat, one that may prompt many cable operators to seek third party assistance, which leads us to our second reason…

Reason #2: We are the most cost-effective solution

Processing bills manually can cost between $5 and $10 per bill, which is a significant percentage of the cost of the energy on a power supply bill! The automation of the Urjanet platform translates into a much more cost-effective and scalable solution for our customers. Instead of working through the issue of volume by adding headcount, we use technology to solve the unique volume challenges some of our large commercial customers face, bringing us to our third reason…

Reason #3: We can process massive summary bills in seconds

Cable operators have the largest summary bills that we’ve seen — some with as many as 13,000 pages! Our technology can process massive summary bills with the same ease and speed as processing a one-page bill. The way we’ve architected our platform, coupled with the industry expertise of our team members (we’ve seen it all…), allows us to extract data not just quickly, but with unparalleled accuracy.

Reason #4: We have a great track record with the industry

Urjanet provides energy data services to three of the top five multiple system operators in the United States. Our solutions allow key stakeholders across the organization, in departments like facilities, energy management, sustainability, energy procurement, and accounting to breathe a sigh of relief because they know their data is delivered by a partner who understands the nuances and challenges specific to the MSO industry, and are able to deliver in the most cost-effective manner.

If you’re ready to discuss how Urjanet can help your business leverage its utility data, contact us today.

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