Utility Data Laggard or Leader: Which One Are You?

Urjanet Inc  |  October 19, 2015   |  Energy & Sustainability  


In business, as in life, you’re either growing or you’re shrinking. There is no middle ground. You’re either evolving your business to compete better, faster, and stronger, or you’re allowing it to stagnate and erode. In every industry, new approaches to old problems, often ushered in by technological innovation, inevitably draw a line in the sand and mark a turning point.

While shrinking groups of energy management and sustainability laggards accept the inefficient process of manual utility data collection as convention, a growing group of visionaries view this archaic process as a sub-optimized compromise to the automated utility data collection solutions available today.

These breakthrough utility data solutions deliver what the energy industry has been looking forward to for decades: a hassle-free way of efficiently and cost effectively collecting utility data—granular, timely and accurate data—the data that delivers unprecedented visibility into energy consumption and cost.

Fortunately, multi-facility organizations and energy and sustainability solution providers no longer need to settle for the status quo, manual, old way of collecting data from hundreds of disparate utilities around the country or world. Today’s automated collection solutions take the “status quo” out of the equation and deliver your utility data the way it should be—automated, complete, accurate and timely—the way you’ve been waiting for.

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In every generation, innovations transform the status quo in businesses. In response, some have chosen to cling to a familiar pattern that exists in this dynamic of technological innovation — a pattern that should cause discomfort in every business leader. It is the disturbing regularity with which industry laggards adhere to convention, resist the call for change, and cling to the comfort of the status quo. Others, of greater vision, wisdom and courage, embrace innovation to make the leap from laggard to leader, capitalizing on the transformational benefits delivered through technology.

A fast-growing list of forward-thinking companies like UPS, Cox Enterprises, Schneider Electric, Rubicon Global, Honda and others have made the switch from the perceived safety of the energy data status quo to a smarter, more efficient automated approach of collecting data from disparate utilities.

Urjanet is a recognized utility data innovator and change-leader that is creating opportunities for energy management and sustainability leaders to make the leap to the next generation of utility data collection.

Now’s the time to ask yourself: are you a utility data laggard or leader?

To learn how Urjanet’s Utility Data Platform empowers energy managers, download our Solutions Sheet: Utility Data for Energy Management and Procurement. And if you’re ready to start leveraging your utility data with Urjanet, contact us today.

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