Urjanet’s Founder and CEO, Sanjoy Malik, Awarded “Outstanding Alumnus Award” by the University of Florida

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Sanjoy Malik, Founder and CEO of Urjanet, has been awarded the Outstanding Alumnus Award by the University of Florida’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) for his professional achievements, technological innovation, and civic leadership. This award is the highest honor given by the MAE Department to its alumni. The committee appointed by the Chair of the Department made the final selections after careful review of the nominee applications.

After founding Air2Web and Synchrologic, Malik worked with Cox Enterprises to solve a big problem: how to automate the process of paying utility bills for Cox’s hundreds of facilities, then transfer the data to energy management systems to benchmark performance and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Malik realized that many other companies also struggled to get the data they needed to decrease operational costs and improve financial and environmental performance. He created Urjanet based on the idea that utility data is the foundation of all energy decisions and that efficiently collecting timely, reliable, and accurate data is the first step to reducing energy cost and carbon emissions.

Urjanet has succeeded in providing leading institutions and Fortune 500 companies with a standardized, automated feed of utility bill and interval data from thousands of disparate sources – including more than 1,500 utilities. Today, Sanjoy is investing resources to determine how energy data will play a role in new markets including home automation systems, demand response, electric vehicles, and more. He is also exploring new product offerings including water and waste data. Urjanet has a bright future thanks to Malik’s innovations, thought leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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