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Urjanet is thrilled to be participating in GreenBiz Forum 2016, a gathering of sustainability leaders that explores the trends, challenges and opportunities in sustainable business now. The event takes place February 23 – 25 in Phoenix, AZ.

There are a few opportunities to interact with Urjanet at GreenBiz Forum 2016:

Stop by the Urjanet booth to receive a Utility Bill doll (while supplies last)!

Simply take a photo with Utility Bill and post it on Twitter, mentioning @Urjanet & @GreenBiz16 and using the hashtags #GrnBz & #WhereIsUtilityBill.

Attend our Guru Lunch on Wednesday, February 24 from 12:30 – 1:30.

The Guru Lunch is a chance to discuss and learn sustainability best practices. Our topic is Overcoming Energy Data Challenges. One of the most important steps to successful execution of any energy and sustainability program is also one that many would agree is met with displeasure and indignation. Aggregating massive volumes of data for reporting and analytics, while extremely critical, is often carried out begrudgingly due to the complexity and overwhelming nature of the task. Our Guru Lunch session aims to open up a dialogue on the best ways to alleviate this pain, and to share some amazing energy and sustainability project success stories once the dirty work of data aggregation has been put to rest.

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