Sustainability Programs: Surviving or Thriving?

Amy Hou  |  November 9, 2017   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Any organization that works in sustainability is cognizant of the need to collaborate with others. Although corporations, nonprofits, and consulting services may have different operational goals, their overarching objective is the same: to reduce impact on the environment and create lasting value for the future.

While these disparate groups may be ready and willing to collaborate, they can struggle to effectively communicate with each other. A nonprofit and a corporation don’t often start out speaking the same language, and that can make it difficult to find common ground. That’s where data can help.

Data on consumption and waste is fairly universal in its interpretation, allowing organizations of very different species to translate their goals into a common language. For instance, a water utility, a water conservation nonprofit, and an end user of water all stand to benefit from the end user gaining a better understanding of their water consumption and learning to conserve more and spend less. If each party can rely on the same level of access to data, they can establish a baseline of understanding and work to help each other, achieving a symbiotic relationship.

To help you and your business better understand how to create effective, working relationships with your sustainability resources, join Urjanet and THG Energy Solutions for a webinar in which both companies will share how they utilize partnerships in their network to create a thriving data ecosystem.

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