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For energy managers, especially those who work for multi-facility organizations, the process of manually inputting data from disparate utility providers is a time-consuming and costly effort, not to mention prone to error from having to enter thousands of line items.

It’s for this very reason that Johnson Controls, Inc. selected Urjanet to automate the collection of utility bill data throughout North America. In JCI’s blog post Managing Your Utility Bill Data: Simpler with Panoptix and Urjanet, Johnson Controls elaborates on the importance of automating your monthly utility bills:

“To those ends, we’ve found that managing utility bill data is a constant concern for facility and energy managers. This data is important; it helps set and track budgets, supports reporting to stakeholders, and provides a ‘no-touch’ assessment of each building’s performance. But it’s hard to turn hundreds or even thousands of paper utility bills into data that can be analyzed. That’s why I am pleased to announce our new partnership with Urjanet, which allows us to automate the collection of utility bill data throughout North America. This will provide a completely automatic solution to grab utility bills – no manual entry, no data checking – quite simply, no stress!

“You may be asking – how does this really help? Maybe you have a staff that catalogs bill data into a spreadsheet each month. Well, the data entry of a paper utility bill takes time – a lot of time – especially if you capture all the line items and details (which can be hundreds of numbers or data points per bill). By capturing this electronically, staff that typically enters this data can spend their time using the data to make performance improvements or performing other, more valuable tasks. In addition, data accuracy is increased, meaning that the software system of record for your energy data can be used with higher confidence. Finally, by automating, the data is available just days after the bill has been posted – no waiting for the mail to arrive and the data to be manually entered.”

Urjanet is privileged to help our partners, like Johnson Controls, to continue to provide the best-in-class service by connecting their clients with the timely, high-quality energy data they need for their respecitve businesses. Click here to learn how your business can become an Urjanet partner.

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