New Infographic: Smart Meter Adoption in US Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Urjanet Inc  |  October 8, 2015   |  Energy & Sustainability  


Urjanet has published an infographic detailing the geographic adoption of commercial & industrial building smart meters in the United States.

With the growing importance of energy and sustainability management in commercial and industrial buildings, the infiltration of smart meters continues to rise, replacing the existing analog meters. Our infographic shows the geographic penetration of smart meters and their analog meter counterparts in commercial and industrial buildings in the United States, by state.

What do smart meters mean for commercial and industrial companies?

The deployment of smart meters has enabled:

  • More accurate and detailed billing. Smart meters enable automatic meter readings, which are more accurate and detailed than analog meter readings.
  • New offerings and services. Continuous commissioning, consumption forecasting, and demand response programs have all benefited from smart meter deployment by the utility.
  • Service improvements. Utilities can better monitor and manage loads across the service network where AMI systems and distribution systems are integrated.

Click to view the full infographic to learn what the smart meter landscape looks like in your state.

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