BP Forecasts 41% Increase in Energy Demand by 2035

Urjanet Inc  |  August 7, 2014   |  Energy & Sustainability  


BP Oil recently released its annual Energy Outlook which forecasts energy demands for the next two decades. According to BP, by 2035 the world will need 41% more energy from combined sources including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric and renewable energies to support the increase in demand from emerging nations. Along with the increase in global energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions are anticipated to increase by 29%.

The increase in demand will undoubtedly bring about significant price increases which companies in America and abroad should begin planning for today. Now is the time to look for cost-savings, as well as improve operational efficiency and help the environment, by taking another look at your company’s monthly energy bills.

For many businesses large and small, energy ranks #3 of the most expensive line items on the annual balance sheet. One way your organization can reduce its utility bills across all its facilities is by automating your monthly utility bills. And there’s good news – there’s a simple way to streamline operations using a cloud-based platform called Urjanet’s Utility Data Service which leverages billing data from thousands of utility providers and other data sources. With this platform, your organization can make informed decisions to reduce your energy consumption, lower costs, and promote sustainability.

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