Big Energy Data = Big Opportunity

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When delivered to the right people, energy data can present a great opportunity for improving financial performance, increasing customer retention, ensuring government compliance, and achieving sustainability goals for your organization.

Let’s take a look at the steps needed in order to unlock those opportunities, and hear what industry analysts have to say about the importance of good energy data amongst today’s energy professionals.

1. Harnessing high-quality, reliable, automated energy data is the first step to understanding energy usage. However, for most organizations, the data acquisition process involves tedious aggregation of paper bills and manual data entry into spreadsheets or other programs.

2. Understanding energy usage is crucial to managing energy consumption, reducing costs & carbon emissions. You can’t manage what you can’t accurately measure.

3. Accelerating the delivery of the right data to the right people can unlock huge opportunities for the sustainability, energy and facilities management, and accounting departments within your organization.

4. Capitalizing on opportunities to unlock hidden profits, improve customer satisfaction, comply with government regulation, and achieve sustainability goals are driving organizations to completely rethink energy data as a strategic asset.

5. Changing perspectives on the value of energy data has driven the collection of quality data to the top of the list of priorities for energy managers. 96% of energy management professionals surveyed by Verdantix have ranked improving the energy data collection process as “Important” or “Very Important”.

What big opportunities will you unlock for your organization with better data? Click here to view our infographic “Big Energy Data: The Foundation of Smart Energy Decisions” now.

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