3 Ways to Implement a Better Big Energy Data Management System

Urjanet Inc  |  March 7, 2014   |  Energy & Sustainability  


When it comes to obtaining quality, timely, and accurate energy data, many organizations struggle to automate the data they receive from their utility providers. Accessing high quality, timely energy data is a “must have, first step” to making smarter, faster, more profitable and eco-friendly energy decisions.

Urjanet aligned an all-star panel of energy management experts from Cox Enterprises, Groom Energy, UPS, and Verdantix to discuss the importance of big energy data. In our Q&A, we discuss how having a standardized data format ensures data consistency across the thousands of utility formats without sacrificing data fidelity. Here are 3 things we learned in our Q&A about how Big Energy Data can work for your business.

1. A better energy data management system is founded on having complete datasets. Any good data management strategy is based on accurate and complete data, even if it comes from multiple platforms or providers, which can be a daunting task due to ensure consistency across the many disparate utility formats without sacrificing data fidelity.

2. The next step would be centralizing this data. This means aggregating and bringing together all of these separate data management systems to produce a centralized data resource where you can start looking at energy trends across the organization.

3. Complete data, accurate data, and centralized data can be challenging for firms to implement. Ensure you understand your cost structure, how it is that utilities in general charge for the delivered product, and specifically relative to your own situation by looking at your cost structure on the tariff that you’re on. It’s also important to have at least 1 year’s worth of historical energy data.

Learn how great utility data can power your energy data management program, and for more information about how to implement a better big energy data management system for your business, contact us today.

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