Urjanet Utility Data Platform

Access consumer payment history on utilities across the globe

Urjanet provides permission-based access to consumer payment history on utilities directly from thousands of utility, telecom, and cable providers worldwide. Advance your risk models and gain deeper visibility into applicants with a proven source of alternative data for credit scoring and risk assessment.

Turn decline traffic losses into revenue wins

Alternative data drives results

SimpleBills Helps “Credit Invisible” Students Build Credit

More than 125,000 students across 46 U.S. states use SimpleBills to manage their utilities. Residents can report their utility bill payment history to credit bureaus through SimpleBills, adding another tradeline to their credit report and building positive credit history. “The real value to the resident is that they do not have to get a loan," says Kevin Jones, SimpleBills founder and Executive Vice President. "They don’t have to go buy a couch or get a credit card or have their mom or dad cosign on a car to build up credit. Their utility bill is one they already pay every month.”

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