Revolutionize your waste bill payment process.

Eliminate late fees, service interruptions and overcharging with automated waste bill data from Urjanet.

Automatic access to timely invoice data, where and when you need it.

Make late fees and service interruptions a thing of the past. Urjanet automatically collects, normalizes, and delivers waste bill data directly into your applications. Quickly access all bill data across all your customers’ accounts so you never miss a payment.

Increase efficiency and lower operational costs.

Manually typing or scanning in waste bill data is an expensive, low-value task that doesn’t scale. Handle more – and larger – clients by automating the waste bill data management process with Urjanet. Increase efficiency by shifting employees currently entering data manually to higher-level functions.

Improve bill validation accuracy.

Are you still validating bills based on manually entered data? When you combine bills from haulers already containing errors with imperfect people typing the data by hand or using basic OCR scanning technology, it’s easy to see how the errors add up. Our automated, self-learning system gets smarter and more efficient with every bill it processes, ensuring your data is completely accurate for bill validation purposes.

Days of Manual Processing
Days of Urjanet Processing

Eliminate the risk of late fees, service interruptions, and overcharging.

If you’ve gotten by with manual data entry, it can seem risky to change horses midstream. But the true risk is continuing to use antiquated, slow methods of waste invoice data processing that expose you to late fees and subject your customers to frustrating service interruptions and needless overcharging.

Flexible system built to support the unique needs of waste.

We understand that waste has some special challenges when it comes to bill payment, including piles of paper bills (some even handwritten). Our flexible system is designed to smooth out those wrinkles and make it easier than ever for you to add value to your clients and improve their satisfaction with your services.

Current Waste Clients Include:

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Learn how Urjanet can revolutionize your waste bill payment processes.

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