Revolutionize your utility bill payment and invoice validation process.

Prevent delays, late fees, and bottlenecks in your bill payment and utility invoice validation operations with game-changing utility bill data from Urjanet.

Automatically connect to the timely utility bill data you need.

Accessing timely and accurate utility invoice data is key to eliminating late fees, improving invoice validation, and catching utility charge errors. Urjanet eases the burden of collecting bill data from disparate utilities by automating the entire collection, normalization, quality assurance, and delivery process.

Increase operational efficiency.

Manually typing in utility bill data is an expensive, low value task that doesn’t scale. Handle more – and larger – clients by automating the utility bill data collection process with Urjanet. Increase efficiency by freeing up resources.

Improve bill validation accuracy.

Are your current bill validation processes based on manually-entered data? Errors compound when you combine bills that may already have errors from the utility company with imperfect people typing the data in by hand or using basic OCR scanning technology. Our automated, self-learning system gets smarter and more efficient with every bill it processes, ensuring your data is completely accurate for bill validation purposes.

Manual Error Rate
Urjanet Data Error Rate

Minimize risk.

If you’ve survived with manual data entry, it can seem risky to change horses midstream. But the true risk is continuing to use antiquated, slow methods of utility data processing that expose you to late fees and charge errors.

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