Turbocharge your utility data collection.

Bring on new clients and scale cost-effectively with the power of automated utility data from Urjanet.

“With Urjanet’s automated utility data, our analysts can now focus more on higher-level tasks and manage more clients in a shorter time frame.”

– Andy Anderson, Partner & Managing Director, EnergyWatch

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Cut out the costly inefficiencies of manual data entry.

Your analysts have better things to do than gathering, inputting, and standardizing utility data. Improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement by automating your utility data processing, so your team can spend more time on higher-value tasks.

Grow faster with automated utility data.

Your current utility data aggregation and standardization processes are holding you back from more growth and revenue. Urjanet eliminates the pain of collecting utility bill data from thousands of disparate utilities by automating the entire collection, normalization, quality assurance, and delivery process.

Control project costs with simple, predictable pricing.

With manual data entry and bill processing, costs can vary widely depending on how many hours are spent gathering and making sense of thousands of utility bills. With Urjanet’s straightforward pricing, you can easily control costs and even increase revenue by shifting your team’s time to more valuable tasks.

Attract and service more clients without growing your team.

Interested in attracting new clients and adding to your customer base, but don’t see how that’s possible without adding to your headcount? Urjanet’s efficient solution lets you have it all: faster client onboarding, easier access to energy usage data, and automated delivery into reporting tools, all without adding a single person to your organization.

Quickly gain access to historical utility data.

Historical energy usage data is critical to accurate benchmarking and achievable energy consumption reduction goals. Urjanet can provide instant access to historical data so you can focus your team’s time on identifying cost reduction and revenue optimization opportunities for clients.

But don’t take our word for it.

“Urjanet is the only company that has truly solved the utility data access problem at scale.”

Andy Anderson, Managing Director and Partner, EnergyWatch

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