Project Description

Utility Data Guru Series, Part 2: A Guide to Data Mapping and Tagging

The task of analyzing energy usage and cost to manage, procure, or benchmark energy usually involves processing a mountain of utility bills. While those bills contain a treasure trove of data — including detailed insights on consumption patterns, tariffs, procurement costs, and more — unlocking that “treasure” is far from easy. To do this, utility bill data will need to be enriched with metadata and transformed in a variety of ways. In this part of our Data Guru series, we aim to enlighten you on a technique called data mapping and tagging that can help extract value insight locked within your data.

In Part 2, you’ll:

  • Gain detailed knowledge about data mapping and tagging
  • Learn how the technique is used by industry professionals
  • Take a deep dive into the methods behind data mapping and tagging
  • Understand the challenges that may arise using this particular technique

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