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eBook: The Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency: “Greening” Multifamily Housing

More than 18% of all housing in the United States is multifamily and one-third of Americans live in multifamily housing units. In spite of its prevalence, the multifamily sector has been slower to adopt sustainability measures, with multifamily properties boasting 34% fewer energy efficiency features than other housing types. And at a time when the US market for environmental services is worth $14.6 billion, one has to wonder what’s causing this gap. One thing is for certain: It is not due to lack of opportunity. Quite the contrary, “greening” this sector with energy retrofits and other sustainability measures presents a powerful, and largely untapped, opportunity.

Our eBook presents insights from experts in the multifamily industry at Maxus Properties, Yardi Energy, and Ancillary Analytics. We discuss the top five benefits of a more energy efficient multifamily sector, barriers to success, overcoming those challenges, and how to effectively use data to push forth energy and sustainability initiatives, and eventually close the gap.


  • Spotlight on Energy Efficiency in the Multifamily Sector
  • Untapped Opportunity: 5 Benefits of “Greening” Multifamily Housing
  • Change Isn’t Always Easy: 3 Barriers to Success
  • Overcoming the Barriers: Plotting a Path to a Green Multifamily Sector
  • Details that Count: Using Data to Push Forth Your Initiatives
  • Closing the Green Gap in the Multifamily Sector
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