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Case Study: Verisae Boosts Customer Satisfaction by Delivering More Value to Customers



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“I would hands down recommend Urjanet to anyone searching for a utility data solution.”
-Rob McConnell, SVP Product Design & Architecture at Verisae


Verisae’s technology brings together the concepts of Big Data, machine-to-machine communications and mobile technology to deliver solutions for companies in retail, utilities, telecommunications, and service management industries. Verisae analyzes data to provide predictive, prescriptive and proactive maintenance and management. Verisae has a network of more than 180,000 registered users managing in excess of three million assets at more than 370,000 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Verisae was growing tired of waiting weeks for its customers’ utility data to arrive, having to constantly scrutinize the data to catch frequent errors, and pay over $1,500 each time it needed data from a new utility. They were displeased with the high level of data inaccuracy due to the reliance on scanning and manual data entry to process bills. In order to meet customer requirements, they had to resort to devoting extensive internal resources to data auditing. Verisae was unable to provide customers with a quick, reliable utility data service due to these challenges. The company wanted to find a new third party provider to give its customers a more complete, timely, cost-effective, and accurate set of utility data. Verisae knew that it needed a utility data provider that met its internal and customer needs to help its customers achieve their sustainability and energy management goals.


Verisae was excited to learn about Urjanet Utility Data Service. Verisae embedded Urjanet Utility Data Service into their energy and sustainability management platform, achieving the following:

  • Inclusion of energy usage in sustainability reporting
  • Utility bill validation through applying Urjanet data to Verisae’s sophisticated rules engine that identifies irregularities across geographies, time periods, and many other factors that characterize a facility
  • Analysis of energy consumption patterns that either drive energy-related initiatives or measure the outcomes of each initiative
  • Correlation between energy consumption and maintenance events to improve predictive maintenance capabilities and measure the quality of maintenance execution


Verisae was cautious in selecting another utility data provider, particularly one that was relatively new to the market. However, Verisae quickly realized how valuable Urjanet’s automated capturing of electricity, gas, and water consumption and cost data would be for its customers and its own operations.

“Accuracy, coverage, and price point were among the top factors that we evaluated when we were searching for a new utility data provider,” says Rob McConnell, SVP Product Design & Architecture at Verisae. “After learning more about Urjanet’s innovative and automated utility data acquisition technology, which runs more than 150 audits and connects to thousands of different utilities worldwide, we were confident that Urjanet had exactly what we were looking for.”

Verisae soon discovered how easy it was to transition utility accounts from its previous third party provider to Urjanet. “Switching to Urjanet was a simple process. Urjanet’s team is knowledgeable and came up with a project plan that suited our needs,” says Pablo Paster, Senior Director of Account Management at Verisae. “The Urjanet team’s utility data expertise is unparalleled. I say this because Urjanet’s mission is to provide the best utility data possible.”


With Urjanet’s automated utility data seamlessly integrated into Verisae’s energy and sustainability management platform, Verisae’s customers have been able to quickly and efficiently analyze their energy consumption and cost information to target facilities that are in need of maintenance work and equipment upgrades. Additionally, with Urjanet’s more granular data, they can evaluate their utility tariffs, peak demand charges, and usage profiles for additional cost savings. Urjanet’s advanced solution helped Verisae attract new customers and deliver more value to existing customers. Additionally, it saved Verisae’s customers time and enabled them to conduct more accurate analysis and generate reports faster.

“The Urjanet utility data solution has far exceeded our customers’ expectations. Our customers rave about how easy our software is to use with Urjanet data,” says Jerry Dolinsky, Verisae’s CEO. “What some of our customers used to do in weeks now only takes them a few days.”

  • Boosted customer satisfaction by enabling customers to speed up utility data acquisition and processing up to 10X
  • Cost-effectively provided customers with an increased number and variety of data points for deeper analysis
  • Attracted new business
  • Reduced time spent internally on data validation
  • Improved brand credibility by increasing transparency of utility data collection process

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