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Case Study: Mubea Reduced Water Usage by 3 Million Gallons with the Urjanet-Enterscape Solution






Urjanet Utility Data Service



Attendorn, Germany




“Urjanet is like the base of a building. They are the foundation for our entire energy management practice.” -Randy Williamson, EHS & Energy Specialist, Mubea


Founded in 1916 and headquartered in Germany, Mubea is an international automotive supplier with a focus on lightweight construction for heavy-duty spring components and related products. The company provides a wide range of products that include stabilizers, precision steel tubes, automatic belt tensioning systems, and more to automobile manufacturers all around the world.


As an innovator in lightweight automotive technologies, Mubea was firmly committed to reducing fuel consumption and emissions levels. Despite its strong stance on sustainability, Mubea faced a significant hurdle in its energy and resource management. The company did not have access to most of its utility consumption and cost data or any way to view the data in one centralized database. Without this data, Mubea found it extremely difficult to monitor and reduce its energy and water intensity, measure progress against its sustainability goals, and compare the performance of its manufacturing plants in different locations.

Spending over $6 million per year on energy in its U.S. locations alone, Mubea struggled to gain visibility into these costs and piece together data from so many utility bills with inconsistent formats. Additionally, Mubea had no easy way to evaluate operational efficiency and cost allocation. Furthermore, the management team at Mubea had little knowledge about the cost of individual products from an energy standpoint. Capturing energy and water usage and cost information was very labor-intensive, as the data had to be manually entered into location-specific tracking systems.


Mubea wanted to take its energy and sustainability performance management to the next level while better understanding its resource consumption from a financial perspective. After evaluating numerous software systems and applications, Mubea selected EnterScape as their software provider and Urjanet to power the application with automated utility bill data. Randy Williamson, an EHS & Energy Specialist at Mubea, comments, “We chose the Urjanet-EnterScape solution because its intuitive interface shows us the per-minute energy costs of our air compressors, boilers, and HVAC equipment all in one place. It also provides the cost of water for individual cooling towers and office operations. This level of detail gives us insights into how much it costs to make our products in different regions around the world and how we can improve facility operations.”

Not only does the Urjanet-EnterScape solution provide Mubea with very detailed, granular cost and consumption information, but it also gives corporate management an enterprise-wide view into how the organization is doing environmentally and financially. “With Urjanet’s timely and standardized utility data integrated directly into EnterScape’s utility data management software, we can see at any time how much we are using and spending on energy, water, and other resources across the board,” says Williamson. “This information has helped senior management identify our less efficient processes and enabled them to prioritize energy and water efficiency projects with the best returns.”

EnterScape first joined forces with Urjanet back in 2012. “We realized that our submetered data was extremely useful, but maybe not as valuable as it could be to senior management because it lacked the related cost information that can only be found on utility bills,” said Mark Raisor, COO of EnterScape. “We partnered with Urjanet so that we could provide our clients with automated, accurate, and timely utility bill data. Because the data is seamlessly integrated into our software, UtilityRecon, our clients no longer have the huge administrative burden of collecting all the cost data themselves.”


Since implementing the Urjanet-EnterScape solution, Mubea has been able to consolidate and maximize the value of its utility data and focus its efforts on areas that need the most improvement. In addition to managing how it consumes natural resources, Mubea can also better proactively manage costs by examining its utility tariffs and engaging in demand-curtailment programs.

“The Urjanet-EnterScape combination is the best utility-based business intelligence solution I’ve seen on the market,” remarks Williamson. “We have already reduced our water consumption by 3 million gallons and saved $100,000 annually. I believe that the Urjanet-EnterScape solution has the power to transform the way huge companies manage their sustainability impacts and make critical financial decisions. The potential is virtually unlimited.”


  • Reduced water usage by 3 million gallons
  • Saved over $100,000 annually in water cost for just one facility
  • Gained entire financial view of energy and water consumption from both high-level and granular perspectives
  • Replaced inefficient equipment and fixed hidden leaks that the company was previously unable to identify
  • Able to address maintenance problems and respond to anomalies within minutes instead of days and easily quantify results
  • Mubea’s new access to automated utility data has enabled the company to begin working on its very first sustainability report

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