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Case Study: EnergyPrint Drives Operational Scalability with Urjanet



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Urjanet Utility Data Service



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“It makes sense for us to partner with the best utility data company in the industry rather than invest in building our own technology to improve data collection.” -Ben Herkenhoff, Product Manager at EnergyPrint


EnergyPrint uses energy utility data to generate business insight across buildings and portfolios. This Minnesota-based corporation gathers, inputs, and validates data from utilities, providing an administrative solution that reduces time and expense for building owners and professionals. EnergyPrint integrates its services and application into its customers’ businesses, powering solutions to help find, track & prove energy savings projects in commercial buildings nationally.


Since its founding in 2009, EnergyPrint has made utility data collection and validation part of its core offering in order to reduce administrative and engineering expense for its clients. In fact, EnergyPrint does not even have an option for clients to manually enter their own utility data; the utility data service simply comes as part of the package, so that every single bill is validated by an expert. However, EnergyPrint knew that its time-intensive data collection and standardization processes would keep it from improving its margins and meeting higher demand for its software and services.

Managing over 7,000 utility accounts and adding new accounts each day, EnergyPrint found that it was devoting an increasing portion of its resources to manually collecting and validating utility bill data. Therefore, EnergyPrint could not spend as much time on energy savings analysis for its clients. With more and more clients referring business to EnergyPrint, EnergyPrint’s growing volume was making it challenging for the company to perform its comprehensive manual audit on all utility invoice data. In order to maintain its high level of service for more clients and buildings using standard manual processes, EnergyPrint would have had to bear substantial personnel and training costs, which would hurt profit margins. EnergyPrint’s manual data acquisition approach resulted in slower delivery of monthly utility analytics to customers.

EnergyPrint faced a dilemma. The company’s core offering required that utility data collection and integration be part of its service, but its manual processes were posing limits to its growth. It was quickly becoming apparent that automation of data acquisition was absolutely essential. Because building automation technology was cost prohibitive, the company became open to investigating partners.


Ready to explore new avenues of efficiency, Priscilla Koeckeritz, President & CEO of EnergyPrint, directed the product and data team to research Urjanet Utility Data Service after. Koeckeritz quickly learned how partnering with Urjanet would improve EnergyPrint’s operational scalability without having to build a similar technology platform on their own.

“At EnergyPrint, we understand the value of gathering quality data from utilities because we do it every single day,” says Koeckeritz. “Partnering with Urjanet allows us to complement our team’s unique capability while further developing our services to transform accurate and validated data into relevant and useful insights.”

“We also decided to partner with Urjanet because we wanted to increase the speed at which we could deliver utility data to our clients without sacrificing data quality,” says Ben Herkenhoff, EnergyPrint’s Product Manager. Ben and his team were impressed with the accuracy of Urjanet’s data. “Urjanet is unique in that it does not rely on character recognition, but instead has created a recognition and extraction framework that transposes all data elements from one format to another, maintaining all data points exactly as they appear on the bills.”


With Urjanet’s automated utility data solution, EnergyPrint’s team has become well equipped to handle the increasing demand for its products and services. As a result of its operational improvements, EnergyPrint can address the needs of more clients and prospects in less time.

“Partnering with Urjanet has made me confident that we will be able to efficiently manage our growing volume of clients and have sufficient resources to continue to evolve our solution in today’s dynamic market,” says Koeckeritz. EnergyPrint expects Urjanet’s technologically advanced utility bill data capture to improve the long-term profitability of its business and give the company the means to increase the breadth of its services.

Several EnergyPrint team members have already transitioned a significant portion of their responsibilities from data collection to data and client management. Additionally, EnergyPrint now has the ability to process 150% more utility bills per day, increasing the speed at which it delivers utility data to its clients. Jesse Sycuro, Operations Manager at McKinstry, one of EnergyPrint’s clients, remarks, “The partnership between EnergyPrint and Urjanet is a great fit. It has been extremely valuable for us to have the reliability and quality service of EnergyPrint with the speed and automation of Urjanet for easy access to timely utility data.”

  • Achieved higher level of operational efficiency and scalability, enabling EnergyPrint to meet growing demand
  • Can now process 150% more utility bills per day
  • Already reduced the need to manually enter and validate monthly bill data by over 50% at an early stage in the enrollment process
  • Reallocated internal capacity, allowing operations team to focus on enhancing EnergyPrint’s products and services and making utility data more useful to customers
  • Gained ability to create new services around detailed data elements in more cost-effective ways

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