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The Missing Puzzle Piece: Automated Utility Data Aggregation

Increase sales, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with this game-changing new addition

Whether you’re an energy services provider or a software provider, you need utility bill and interval meter data. As more data becomes available every day, the value of that data increases, but so too does the complexity of the processes required to capture and standardize it. Fortunately, there is a better way. The energy solutions ecosystem is long overdue for a step forward into the digital age with automation. Automating the entire data aggregation process can deliver numerous benefits by improving data quality, lowering costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our eBook takes a deep dive into the benefits that automation with Urjanet can provide and reveals what some of the leading energy services and software providers have to say about our automated solution.


  • Inside Today’s Competitive Energy Solutions Market
  • The Utility Data Access Problem
    • Managing a Mountain of Utility Bills
    • Shortcomings of the Current Approach
  • The Utility Data Access Solution
    • Automating Utility Data Collection
    • Benefits of the Automated Approach
  • How Urjanet Solves the Data Access Problem with Automation
    • Automating Utility Data Collection with Urjanet
    • Measuring the Impact of Urjanet for Energy Services & Software Providers
  • Drive Positive Change and Increase Value with Automation

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