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Q: But why do I need automated utility data?

A1: Utility data is the foundation of all energy decisions.

Accessing high-quality, timely and reliable utility data is the “must-do” first step to gaining unprecedented insight into utility consumption and cost. Automated utility data is invaluable for energy management and sustainability professionals, and energy solutions providers that currently rely on manual utility bill data entry.

A2: You no longer need to settle for the “old way” or “status quo” method of collecting utility data.

Q: What can Urjanet do for me?

A: We can make your life easier by replacing the manual data entry of utility invoices with an automated feed straight from your disparate utilities.

Urjanet automates the collection of all of your utility bill and interval data from an expansive network of utilities around the world, transforms it into a useful format, and delivers it to your energy, sustainability, procurement, accounting and analytics systems.

Q: How does it work?

A: It’s a 3-step process: Collect, Normalize, Deliver.  

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Q: Where does the data come from?

A: It’s automatically collected from all of your utilities.

Urjanet’s utility data platform deploys Bots that visit the world’s largest global network of utilities to collect every data point on all of your utility bills.

Q: Does Urjanet provide dashboards, analytics, or consulting?

A: No! We’re a utility data-only company.

We’ve made the decision to do one thing and do it better than anyone else. We leave the analytics to our growing list of utility bill payment, energy and sustainability solutions partners that power their solutions with Urjanet data.

Almost 50% of the world’s leading energy management solutions providers rely on Urjanet for automated utility data.

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Q: Who uses Urjanet?

A: We serve two primary groups of customers: commercial and industrial companies and energy and sustainability solutions providers.

Commercial & industrial companies use Urjanet to better manage their energy spend, optimize their financial performance and reduce carbon emissions. Utility bill payment providers, energy and sustainability software providers and energy and sustainability consulting firms use Urjanet to power their solutions and deliver high-quality utility data to their customers.
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