Urjanet Utility Data Service

Automated collection and delivery of multi-site utility bill data for electricity, natural gas, water, and waste.

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utility bill data

Access the largest global network of utility provider integrations.

The utility bill data captured by Urjanet Utility Data Service spans across 4 major continents, and includes over 3,700 unique utility providers and 6,000 weather stations. New integrations are added every day to ensure new customers are covered within our network.

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Urjanet Utility Data Service acquires data from various sources and from a variety of distinct electronic data formats, such as PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, EDI and more. Our robust data extraction engine pulls each and every data point from a bill, so your data set is rich and complete.

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utility bill data

From thousands of formats to one.

Urjanet Utility Data Service is the only source you need for all of your utility billing data as our transformation engine translates data from numerous sources and formats into one standardized data stream.

Weather Normalized Utility Data

Additionally, opt to receive data normalized for fluctuations in weather.

Data delivered how and where you want it.

Urjanet’s delivery formats were designed to be easily consumed in any database environment. The flexibility of the technology also allows for including customer-specific rules and integrating additional data provided by the customer. PDF images of the bill are always included in the delivery. Furthermore, Urjanet’s out-of-the-box adapters allow seamless data delivery into many popular software platforms, such as ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, and a number of other industry-leading applications.

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utility bill data service

Top companies rely on Urjanet Utility Data.

Commercial and industrial companies and energy and sustainability solutions providers across the world use Urjanet data to achieve sustainability goals and reduce energy consumption and cost. Urjanet is rapidly becoming the global standard for utility data and powers applications from the leading energy and sustainability solutions providers.

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Urjanet helps some of the world’s largest organizations gain insight into their utilities consumption and spend while providing data to the world’s leading energy and sustainability solutions providers.

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