Urjanet Interval Data Service

Access consumption interval data from utility-deployed smart meters without the hassle of installing expensive sub-meters or additional hardware.

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Get the data you need to truly understand your daily energy habits.

When you need a more granular understanding of your building’s energy consumption than monthly bill data gives you, Urjanet Interval Data Service provides the ideal solution. View building energy consumption in 5 to 60-minute intervals, depending on the utility. Identify when your building’s energy consumption is at its highest, and then put plans in place to reduce peak load and curb overall consumption.

Respond quickly to anomalous demand-side events.

Urjanet Interval Data Service delivers next-day data, allowing you to discover irregularities quickly so you can investigate their causes and implement solutions in a timely manner.

interval data

Receive data in a single, consistent format.

The Interval Data Service’s standard delivery format is consistent across all utilities, so sending data into your reporting and analytics applications is simple and easy to manage.

Customize your data delivery timeframe.

Receive your data daily or aggregate it over time for less frequent deliveries.

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