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Urjanet’s mission is to provide the world with automated access to detailed utility data. Our cloud-based platform connects directly to utilities to seamlessly acquire and normalize disparate utility bill and interval data.


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Our award-winning products are designed to collect and automatically deliver the world’s disparate utility data.

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What we do

Good data is foundational to any energy management or reporting initiative. But, good data is incredibly hard to get! That’s where we come in. We’ve built a technology platform that integrates directly with thousands of utilities around the world to deliver our customers an automated feed of utility billing and interval data for reporting and analytics.

How it works

Urjanet’s technology platform is a transformation engine that automatically collects disparate data from a variety of sources and normalizes it so it can be easily used for a variety of purposes. Urjanet’s global platform uses sophisticated automated processes to navigate and connect to the source of the data directly from the utilities. With thousands of connections to utilities around the world, Urjanet has the largest global utility data collection network. Need a utility connection we haven’t established yet? New utility connections can be added quickly.

Technology overview

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A unique, innovative platform.

Urjanet’s technology platform is an intelligent, self-learning system based on a federated database model. Urjanet’s advanced data extraction technology collects data from a variety of sources. Utilizing proprietary data normalization techniques, Urjanet’s platform ensures that your data is formatted and structured to be useful and usable. Finally, your data is delivered in an industry-standard format, so it is easily consumable in any database environment. 

Unparalleled speed of delivery.

Collecting data directly from utilities as soon as new information is posted means no more waiting on the mail or slow manual data entry. Urjanet processes your utility data at least 8 days faster than traditional methods.

Days of Manual Processing
Days of Urjanet Processing
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Cloud-based platform infinitely scales.

The Urjanet platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services’ cloud-based architecture. This means that the platform is infinitely scalable and can handle any volume of data. By harnessing the power of the cloud, your organization can process more bills without adding to your headcount.

The highest-quality, most error-free data available.

Manually-entered data has approximately a 3% error-rate, which could result in misguided decision-making that costs the organization millions of dollars in lost savings. The Urjanet platform runs over 150 quality audits at every stage of the data collection, normalization and delivery process, so your decisions can be based on facts, not intuition.

Urjanet Data Quality Audits

The most complete and detailed utility data available.

Urjanet’s platform offers the most complete data capture capabilities on the market, extracting every data point from every invoice instead of the handful that are captured when entered manually. Additionally, customers can receive a digital image of every invoice for every account.

Top companies rely on Urjanet Data Services.

Commercial and industrial companies and energy and sustainability solutions providers across the world use Urjanet data to achieve sustainability goals and reduce energy consumption and cost. Urjanet is rapidly becoming the global standard for utility data and powers applications from the leading energy and sustainability solutions providers.

“With the Urjanet platform, we have seen a very good ROI. Depending on the market, we could see anywhere from 10% to up to 30% in savings.” – Robert Fairey, Sr. Director-Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion at Cox

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“thinkstep is very pleased to partner with Urjanet, the leading brand for utility data.” – Laurent Lebarq, Director of Strategic Partnerships, thinkstep

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“Urjanet is exactly what we were looking for.”
-Bob Bittner, Partnership Development, Dude Solutions

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“Urjanet enables us to better support our customers’ expansive operations.” – Jerry Dolinsky, CEO Verisae

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“Urjanet is the only company that has truly solved the utility data problem at scale.” – Andy Anderson, Partner and Managing Director, EnergyWatch

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“Urjanet’s global data platform is well-suited for the international corporations we support.” – Efrain Quiros, VP Partnerships & Operations at CR360

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