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eBook: The Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency: “Greening” Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing needs to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

Testimonial: eSight Energy Expands and Matures US Operations with Urjanet

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Learn why eSight considers Urjanet to be a valued partner for utility bill and interval data aggregation and delivery into its energy management software.

Infographic: Win Support for Energy Efficiency Projects with Utility Data in 8 Steps


In this infographic, we outline 8 steps for using utility data to win support for energy efficiency projects.

Solutions Sheet: Urjanet and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager


Urjanet partners with ENERGY STAR to deliver utility bill data directly into Portfolio Manager.

Case Study: eSight Energy Expands and Matures US Operations with Urjanet


Learn how Urjanet was key to helping eSight Energy expand their services relying on utility bill and interval data.

Webinar Replay: 8 Steps to Achieving Better Buildings with Data

Watch a recording of the webinar with Lucid and Urjanet.

Beyond The Bill: Refining Your Energy Management Program with Interval Data


Advance your energy management program by incorporating interval meter data.

Infographic: Energy Executives Are Committed to Sustainability Projects, But Many Companies Are Lacking the Resources and Tools to Achieve Their Goals

Our survey of 200 Energy executives revealed that manual data collection and weak data management processes are severely limiting visibility into the performance of corporate sustainability initiatives.

eBook: Building Energy Benchmarking & Transparency Laws

Learn how to comply with these laws and three additional ways to go above and beyond simply benchmarking.

Video: Why Improving Utility Bill Management Matters

Michael Scelzi, CEO of the Energy Control Company (ECC), shares utility bill management insights and best practices.

Testimonial: Ecova Achieves Greater Operational Efficiency and Expands Global Reach

Marty Sieh, Chief Facility Operations Officer at Ecova, shares his experience with integrating Urjanet’s Utility [...]

Testimonial: EnergyWatch Analysts Reduce Data Entry by 100 Hours per Month

Andy Anderson, Partner & Managing Director, EnergyWatch, shares his experience with [...]

Webinar Replay: What Happens When Good Energy Data Goes Bad?

What causes good energy data to go bad? Why does bad data lead to missed opportunities?

Webinar Replay: Energy Data: The New Profit Lever

Learn why obtaining timely, high quality energy data is the must-have first step to not only cut costs, but also reduce your company's [...]

Webinar Replay: Energy Management’s Hottest Couple

Watch to learn how to optimize energy performance & costs by combining utility bill & interval data.

Webinar Replay: How UPS Uses Big Data to Dial Down Energy Costs

UPS and Verdantix, an independent analyst firm, share energy data best practices.

Webinar Replay: Reduce Building Operating Costs with Energy Data

We discuss how to cut operating costs at the building level and across all the facilities within your organization.

Case Study: Cox Enterprises Cuts Energy Spend with Urjanet Utility Data

Read about how Urjanet provided Cox Enterprises with a comprehensive view of billing, [...]

Infographic: Considering ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

If your organization is considering or is using Portfolio Manager for energy benchmarking, Urjanet can [...]

Testimonial: Cox Enterprises Saves 10 – 30% on Energy Spend

Robert Fairey, Sr. Director - Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion at Cox, shares his experience with [...]

Verdantix Report: Urjanet Supports Growth of Energy Management Ecosystem

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Atlanta, Urjanet is a cloud-based provider of energy data [...]

Utility Bill Comic: Utility Bill Saves the Day…One Benchmarked Building at a Time!

What happens when the City of Billsville mandates building benchmarking in ENERGY [...]