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Comics & Infographics

Comic: Mission: Impossi-BILL!

EVL Corp has locked away precious data - will Utility Bill be able to rescue it?

Comic: Utility Bill and the North Pole Panic!

Santa's failure to pay his workshop's utility bills on time is causing chaos at the North Pole! Can Utility Bill save the day?

Infographic: Win Support for Energy Efficiency Projects with Utility Data in 8 Steps


In this infographic, we outline 8 steps for using utility data to win support for energy efficiency projects.

Infographic: 7 Ways Quality Data Benefits Corporate Sustainability Programs

Corporate sustainability programs have fast-tracked their way into the mainstream with the help of the proper tools, technology, and data necessary to [...]

Infographic: 7 Shortcomings of Manually Entering Utility Bill Data

Manually collecting and entering utility bill data poses seven critical limitations; fortunately, all seven can [...]

Utility Bill Comic: Utility Bill’s Step-by-Step Guide to Spring (Utility Data) Cleaning!

Are you overwhelmed and suffering from dirty data due to unmanageable data management practices?

Infographic: Energy Executives Are Committed to Sustainability Projects, But Many Companies Are Lacking the Resources and Tools to Achieve Their Goals

Our survey of 200 Energy executives revealed that manual data collection and weak data management processes are severely limiting visibility into the performance of corporate sustainability initiatives.

Utility Bill Comic: Utility Bill Saves Gizmo Land!

Utility Bill & his new pal Sustainabill help Gizmo Land clean up its act and become more sustainable!

Infographic: The Evolution of Utility Bill Data

From paper bills to outsourcing to individual e-bills and now automated acquisition, some organizations have [...]

Infographic: How Do You Receive Your Utility Bills?

How is your organization receiving its utility bills? Paper? EDI? Scanned image via email? In this [...]

Utility Bill Comic: The Life & Times of Utility Bill (Part 1)

What does the journey of your utility bills really look like? Go along for the ride with Bill [...]

Utility Bill Comic: The Life & Times of Utility Bill (Part 2)

Follow Bill during the second leg of his adventure as he gets rescued by an Urja-bot during an Urjanet Data Rescue Mission.

Infographic: Considering ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

If your organization is considering or is using Portfolio Manager for energy benchmarking, Urjanet can [...]

Utility Bill Comic: Utility Bill Saves the Day…One Benchmarked Building at a Time!

What happens when the City of Billsville mandates building benchmarking in ENERGY [...]