Project Description

Sig Mosley

Managing Partner

Mosley Ventures

Sig Mosley is the Managing Partner of Mosley Ventures, a venture fund investing in early stage technology startups in the Southeast. Widely regarded as “The Godfather of Angel Investing”, a title Sig Mosley earned as president of Imlay Investments, Inc. Since 1990, Sig has been the most prolific Southeast investor in 120 startups with 82 liquidity events. Sig currently is the record holder of the largest Southeast Venture deal with the $5.7 Billion acquisition of Tradex by Ariba.


Shanker Janakiraman

Management Team
MD, Urjanet Energy Systems

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D.j. Amis

Management Team
Product Management

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Todd Rose

Management Team
Product Development

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Tim Liu

Management Team
Product Development

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