Project Description

Michael Pridemore

VP, Products

Michael Pridemore is widely considered a pioneer of the email marketing and marketing automation software industry. Previously, Pridemore served as CEO and co-founder of Socketware, Inc. the maker of Accucast. He grew it to be a global leader in the space before its successful acquisition. Pridemore is also the founder of Sockethead Studios and uses his technology development and corporate management experience to create and market consumer applications. With a passion for helping entrepreneurs, Pridemore serves corporate boards and is active in his community along with his wife Tricia. He is an alum of the University of Central Florida.


Shanker Janakiraman

Management Team
MD, Urjanet Energy Systems

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D.j. Amis

Management Team
Product Management

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Todd Rose

Management Team
Product Development

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Tim Liu

Management Team
Product Development

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