Advance your sustainability reporting and performance.

Easily track, manage, score and report on energy consumption, carbon emissions, and other sustainability metrics with difference-making utility data from Urjanet.

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Get the data you need without relying on other departments.

Accessing utility data is key to meeting your organization’s sustainability goals, but actually getting your hands on data coming from other departments is a chore. Urjanet’s automated technology makes getting good utility data from disparate sources quick and easy.

Get a complete set of utility data from all of your facilities.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to track down missing data points from all of your locations. Urjanet eliminates the hassle of having to identify and then collect missing figures. Urjanet collects every data element on every invoice for every account, providing a comprehensive data set for analysis and reporting purposes.

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Receive all your utility data in a standardized format.

With utility data coming from so many different sources, it can be challenging to organize your utility data into a useful, standardized format. Urjanet normalizes all utility data so it is consistent and easy for you to use.

Know that your data is accurate.

Manually typing in utility data or keeping the data in static spreadsheets leaves room for error. By getting the data directly from your disparate utilities and running over 150 audits, Urjanet ensures that all of your data is completely accurate, so you can better track your sustainability progress and strengthen your triple bottom line.

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Easily integrate your utility data into your sustainability management system.

Don’t struggle and waste time inputting data into your sustainability management platform. Erase this problem with Urjanet’s data; it’s seamlessly imported into all of your sustainability systems and applications.

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Speed up your analysis and reporting.

It may take weeks, or even months, for you to get your utility data from your facilities managers, accounting department, or other systems in which the data is manually entered. These delays can cause you to miss internal deadlines and hinder your ability to make effective, time-sensitive changes. Urjanet provides utility data shortly after the utility makes the information available, ensuring you get your data in a timely manner.

Make fact-based decisions.

Urjanet gives you the utility bill and interval data you need to make smarter decisions — decisions made with confidence rather than intuition or gut feelings. Whether you are in charge of implementing green building projects, benchmarking resource usage of different facilities, or developing and executing a variety of sustainability strategies, Urjanet will position you to maximize the value you can deliver to your organization.

But don’t take our word for it.

“Urjanet’s utility data saves time and effort.”

Neil D’Souze, VP, Product Development, thinkstep

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