Reduce energy costs and make better purchasing decisions.

Quickly and conveniently access the utility data you need for better rate analysis and tariff negotiations.

Automatically access tariff and rate plan information for easy comparisons.

Stop sifting through piles of bills to figure out which utility tariffs you’re on and which ones would be more cost-effective. Urjanet automates the entire utility data collection, normalization, and delivery process, so you always have the data you need for optimal purchasing decisions.

Make better decisions with better data.

Utility bill data from your accounting department or bill pay provider often lacks the level of detail you need to make the best procurement decisions. Urjanet captures every data point from every invoice, providing you unmatched visibility into energy consumption and cost information.


Access historical utility data without the hassle.

Analyzing energy consumption trends and usage depends on historical utility data – which you need to gather across hundreds or thousands of utility accounts. Urjanet completely automates this process. Gain instant access to the historical utility data you need to understand trends and usage over time.

Forecast energy consumption with confidence.

Having useful, detailed, and accurate utility data is the only way to accurately forecast energy consumption. Make purchasing decisions with greater confidence based on the most accurate and complete utility data possible.

Save time, save money.

Automated utility data means no more relying on other departments. Urjanet data is seamlessly imported into the applications you already use to analyze energy usage and cost. Make the best purchasing decisions possible with the most complete and accurate set of utility data available – only from Urjanet.

But don’t take our word for it.

“With the Urjanet platform, we have seen a very good ROI. Depending on the market, we could see anywhere from 10% to up to 30% in savings.”

Robert Fairey, Sr. Director – Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion, Cox Enterprises

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