Improve your utility bill payment process.

Avoid late fees, shut-offs and bottlenecks in your bill payment operations with difference-making utility bill data from Urjanet.

Automatically connect to the timely utility bill data you need.

Accessing timely, reliable utility data is key to eliminating late fees, avoiding shut-offs, and catching utility charge errors. Urjanet eases the burden of collecting bill data from disparate utilities by automating the entire collection, normalization, quality assurance, and delivery process.

It’s a fact. Humans make errors.

Manually typing in bill data can lead to a 3% error rate. By getting the data directly from your disparate utilities and running over 150 audits, Urjanet ensures that all your data is completely accurate, so you can be confident that you’re paying what you truly owe each time.

Manual Error Rate
Urjanet Error Rate

Receive utility data in a useful format.

With over 100,000 utility tariffs and 35,000 utilities worldwide, keeping your utility data in a useful, standardized format is no small task. Urjanet normalizes all utility data so it is consistent and easy for you to analyze.

Easily integrate your utility data into your financial systems and applications.

Do you currently struggle to get your data into the right places? Eliminate this hassle with Urjanet’s data; it’s seamlessly integrated into all of your financial systems and applications.

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Gain deeper insight.

Easily accessing timely and accurate utility data will enable you to better forecast and budget your energy spend in the future.

Make fact-based decisions.

Urjanet gives you the utility bill data you need to make smarter decisions–decisions made with confidence. Whether you are in charge of making capital investment decisions, managing cash flow, or paying utility bills, Urjanet’s data solution will enable you to maximize the value you deliver to your organization.

But don’t take our word for it.

“Accuracy, speed, and completeness sold me on Urjanet.”

Andy Anderson, Managing Director, Partner, EnergyWatch

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Make late fees and shut-offs a thing of the past.

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