Make smarter decisions with better utility data.

Eliminate doubt from your energy decision-making with Urjanet’s game-changing utility bill and interval data.


Why choose Urjanet for your business?

Advance your sustainability performance and reporting.

Easily track, manage, score and report on energy consumption, carbon emissions, and other sustainability metrics with difference-making utility data from Urjanet.

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Improve your energy management practices.

Urjanet captures utility data from an expansive network of providers around the world to give you unprecedented visibility into your energy cost and consumption.

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Improve your utility bill payment process.

Avoid late fees, shut-offs and bottlenecks in your bill payment operations with difference-making utility bill data from Urjanet.

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Reduce energy costs and make better purchasing decisions.

Quickly and conveniently access the utility data you need for better rate analysis and tariff negotiations.

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Make fact-based decisions.

No matter where you fit in your organization, Urjanet gives you the utility bill and interval data you need to make smarter decisions — decisions made with confidence rather than intuition and gut feeling. Whether it’s for sustainability, energy management, accounts payable or procurement, you will be equipped with the information you need.

But don’t take our word for it.

“With the Urjanet platform, we have seen a very good ROI. Depending on the market, we could see anywhere from 10% to up to 30% in savings.”

Robert Fairey, Sr. Director – Energy Procurement & Waste Diversion, Cox Enterprises

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