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Urjanet is the only global source for automated utility data.

We make the world’s utility data easily accessible and usable. We automate the collection of bill and interval data from an expansive network of utilities around the world, transform it into a useful format, and make it easily available to organizations that rely on it to solve big energy, sustainability and business challenges.

We serve two primary groups of customers: commercial and industrial companies and energy and sustainability solutions providers.

Commercial & Industrial

Leading organizations like UPS, Cox Enterprises, Chick-Fil-A, Costco, Kimberly-Clark, Comcast, and many others use Urjanet to better manage their energy spend, optimize their financial performance and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy & Sustainability Solution Providers

Utility bill payment providers, energy and sustainability software providers and energy and sustainability consulting firms like Siemens, Johnson Controls, Dude Solutions, Lucid and others use Urjanet to deliver high-quality utility data to their customers.

Our innovative utility data platform automates the collection, standardization and delivery of reliable, near-real time utility bill, consumption and interval data. Here’s how it works:

First: Our innovative utility data platform collects of all of your disparate electricity, natural gas, water and waste bill and consumption data from an expansive network of utilities around the world.

Next: We convert your disparate utility data into a consistent, standardized and useful format.

Lastly: we deliver the data directly to your energy and sustainability management, accounting and procurement systems—the systems that rely on accurate and timely utility data to deliver insight, recommendations and help you make big decisions.

We also run 150 audits across the collection, standardization and delivery process to ensure you get the highest quality data possible.

Yes, we do offer an API. Contact us for more details.

Urjanet is unique for a number of reasons, but there are four big reasons worth mentioning:

  • We love energy data.
  • Our goal is to make your life easier.
  • We are the only company that automates the collection of near real-time utility data from an expansive network of utilities around the world.
  • Our self-learning, cloud-based utility data platform was designed to one thing: deliver the data your systems rely on.

There’s an abundance of energy, sustainability and analytics tools to choose from, but their ability to deliver value is limited without the accurate, complete and timely utility data Urjanet delivers. In fact, 50% of the leading energy and sustainability solution providers rely on Urjanet for utility data.

Yes! We’re maniacally focused on a simple mission: provide organizations around the world with the automated, high-quality and timely utility data they need to reduce their utility costs, improve operational efficiency and profit margins, and reduce carbon emissions.
No! We’ve made the decision to do one thing and do it better than anyone else. However, we do work with a long list of solution providers that offer consulting or data visualization services.
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